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RQM : Lock multiple test artifacts once

vinitha dsouza (14722135) | asked Jul 14 '20, 6:14 a.m.
Hello Team,

We are currently working out on a migration scenario from One Server to other server.
post migration, we want to lock the test artifacts in the source server so that colleagues do not modify this any more.

i see that we can lock individual test artifacts like test cases, test scripts. As migration involves more items, is there any way that i can do this at one shot?


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Bharath Rao (915240) | answered Jul 14 '20, 7:02 a.m.

Hi Vinitha,

I believe you could use the REST API's to LOCK / UNLOCK the test artifacts.
Here is the documentation:

You could create a script to perform a GET call and get the Test Cases, Test Scripts and then perform a LOCK REST API call on those artifacts.(Please test it out in a Test environment to confirm the functionality and the effects)

The other option would be for the artifacts to a specific state. With precondition to lock artifacts in specific state, you may achieve your requirement.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

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