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Diagram element link to 'validated by' link

Dhwani Joshi (11) | asked Jul 10 '20, 3:32 p.m.

 Working with DNG 6.0.6, I followed below steps to create a diagram and add validation link:

 - Create a 'diagram' type artifact with 2 states A, B and 2 transition links from A to B and from B to A. 
 - Right click on the state and state transition one by one and select "add link"
 - Add "validated by" link and link to existing test case links from RQM project. 
 - Once i do this, i see all 4 links in right side "links" bar - confirming links are created. 

My requirement is to somehow show which 'validated by' link is associated with which element in the diagram. For me, every state and state transition is an individual requirement, I would want to have and show trace to test case for each 'requirement'. Hover over the 'validated by' link doesn't highlight the related element. Grid view shows all 4 'validated by' links linked to the diagram.

Is there any way to see and show which 'validated by' link points to which element in the diagram for trace purposes? By the way, when I create "illustrated by" link, i can see hovering over the link highlights related element in the diagram. This doesn't see to work with "validated by" link. 

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