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How to resolve "parent team area is not part of this team area hierarchy" exception?

Andrew Ciaz (59160) | asked May 30 '20, 3:39 a.m.

 Hi all,

I have following team hierarchy:
    --GrandParent Team
               ---Parent Team
                           -- Child Team
When I am creating team area form bottom to top using recursion. "Parent Team" and "Child Team" created successfully and add "Child Team" as a child of "Parent Team". But when I tried to create "GrandParent Team" and add child "Parent Team", "parent team area is not part of this team area hierarchy" is thrown.

I am not sure about creation of this type of hierarchy is possible or not using plain Java API, but I used below API to add child for parent-child relation it works but grandparent-parent it failed:

teamAreaHierarchy.addChild((ITeamAreaHandle) createdGrandParentTeamArea.getItemHandle(), createdParentTeamArea);

Please suggest the solution on the exception occurred


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