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Is anyone experiencing test schedules hanging at end of suite when using command line adapter ?

Paul Sandie (3888) | asked Mar 26, 5:06 a.m.

We have been experiencing an issue for years now whereby test schedules running suites of test cases which themselves use the command line adapter occasionally hang at the end of one of the suites in the schedule. 

In a schedule with a number of suites any given suite may exhibit the behaviour, whereby any single test case in that suite is left showing as in progress on the execution record (i.e. not necessarily the final test case in the suite), the suite runs to completion but the next suite in the schedule never then starts. 

Originally we saw this with RQM 6.0.6 but are now seeing it with and the same adapter version. It is a major issue for us as it frequently means our unattended test runs don't complete.

Has anybody else experienced this issue ?

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abhishek gour (3362) | answered Mar 26, 8:28 a.m.
It is not clear if you are running the Test Cases for a Single Suite in Parallel on a fleet of multiple command line adapters (CLAs), or you are simply running one Test Suite at a time, having all the test cases running sequentially with single CLA.
It may be one of your test case execution waiting on some input from Command line console, or could be an issue on the way CLAs are configured in your environment and are being used.

I think it would require more data to understand your execution setup. Feel free to provide more data here to be able to understand your issue.

Contacting support with a case would be recommended as well.

Paul Sandie commented Mar 27, 8:34 a.m.

The test cases in each suite are run sequentially using a single CLA. The test cases involve no form of user interaction, they are implemented in Java code called from the DOS batch file that the CLA executes.

We have checked that when this situation occurs neither the jvm running the Java code nor the batch file from which it is launched are still in progress, i.e. those processes have definitely exited.
We have a support ticket open and have sent both server side and adapter logs to IBM for investigation. 

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