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Db2 CCM and JTS container sizes are growing expoenentially post data restore

aastha khatri (22621) | asked Mar 13 '20, 3:01 a.m.
I have restored the data from production db2 database to test db2 database for JTS and CCM both. In production environment the data backup image size is 129gb and CCM container size (jazzdata) is 169 gb (for last 8 years). But when I restore this to test database I see that data backup image size is 150fb and the ccm container size(jazzdata) is 321 gb within just 3 days. I dont know what is causing this issue. Same way JTS container size is test setup is larger than the production. But in ideal case as the test is replica of production it should be same.
Also in test setup I dont have db2 data warehouse configured. But production has separate Db2 data warehouse configured. Is this because data warehouse is missing in test setup.

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Anthony Corrente (914) | answered Mar 13 '20, 4:35 a.m.
No problem.

With all Db2 applications, this type of maintenance is ongoing, and therefore should be looks at on a regular basis. This is dependent on the amount of work that is done in those applications.

There may be more activity in test than production?  I'm assuming (and I know I should never do that) that your test and production systems are configured the same.

Not sure what you mean by prune logs in Db2.  What logs are you referring to?
Transaction logs, database history log?

Not sure that you would prune transaction logs.

To manage transaction log files that would be dependent on what type of logging you are adopting for your Db2 databases.

Going back to your original question, you need to determine what is actually taking up the space in your database.  Maybe there is something different happening now with the restore?  Perhaps opening a case with Db2 support will help you explain the differences between prod and test. and open a case with them.  They should be able to help determine root cause.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,
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aastha khatri commented Mar 13 '20, 5:55 a.m.
Thanks Anthony!
Yes, I have raised an access request to open a case for Db2 support.
The difference between test and production is production is bare metal server and test is a VM. I have ensured that the configuration for both is same and all the Db2 parameters are same.
I was talking about the transaction log. We use below steps to delete the unwanted logs.
1.db2 get db config | grep "First active log file"
2. Then prune and delete all the logs before the file found in step-1

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Anthony Corrente (914) | answered Mar 13 '20, 3:16 a.m.

Hello Aastha,

If you want to reclaim storage space in Db2, here is the documentation that should help with this:

You should talk with your Db2 Administrator to help you with this.

Hope this helps.

aastha khatri commented Mar 13 '20, 3:36 a.m.
Hi Anthony,
Thanks for your quick response. Can you please also clarify my one more doubt. Do on a regular basis I need to reclaim storage space in Db2 ? Just like how we prune logs in Db2? Or is it one time acitivity. Why I dont see this behavior in production server? Is it because of certain configuration?

Anthony Corrente commented Mar 13 '20, 4:37 a.m.

You're welcome, please see below

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