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Jazz report builder doesn't show the correct modifier details by using work item history.

Anjuri Kelaiya (273) | asked Feb 20, 2:11 a.m.

 I am using  Jazz report builder V_6.0.6.1 and trying to fetch the details on Workitem History. I need Workitem Status, Previous status, last updated time and the modifier details.

I am using "Data Warehouse" as a data source, selected "Work item" from the choose an artifact section.
Then linked work item history with the work item in trace relationship section. 

By using this structure, I am able to get the current state, previous state and last modified time correctly. but the modifier name is not showing properly.  report doesn't show the correct name for the modifier for few workitems. 

I have tried several combinations in trace relationships section to get the correct modifier data but still no luck.
Please suggest me how can I get  the correct details for modifier. 

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Bhagath P B (1236) | answered Feb 20, 3:08 a.m.

 Hi Anjuri Kelaiya,

Would recommend you to run dcc jobs on full load.
Login to to https://<application-url>/dcc/web
To run jobs on full load, Click on Delta Load Configuration and drop down next to the application select Full load.
Next, go to Data Collection jobs and click on Run all data warehouse collection jobs.

Try to fetch the reports and check the data. 
Even if the data is not correct you can raise a support ticket to ibm.

Note: Running DCC on Full Load will take longer time and also might slow down the application.

Anjuri Kelaiya commented Feb 20, 4:59 a.m.

Hello Bhagath-

Thanks for your response.
I will check on Data collection jobs as I do not have access to run those jobs. Will see how it goes.

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