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RQM - How to refer to same attachment in different sections of a test artifact

Donat Hutter (2153239) | asked Feb 06 '20, 12:11 p.m.
Is there any way to refer same attachment in several locations of a test artifact, e.g. "Test Case Design" and "Pre-Condition" of the test case. 

In the test case section "Test Case Design" I use the "Insert Attachment" to upload and refer to an attachment.
a) How can I refer to same attachment in another section (e.g. "Pre-Condition")?
When I use in the second section the "Insert Attachment" again and select same attachment on my file system, it will create a second attachment with same name.

b) How to update the attachment?
When I delete the attachment in the "Test Case Design" section and re-insert the updated one, it will again create a new attachment with a new identifier.

Accepted answer

permanent link
Lam To (216) | answered Feb 12 '20, 10:26 a.m.
Uploaded attachment is stored in ETM repository and it's referenced by an URL (link) when inserted in a rich text document, such as 'Test Case Design'. To reference the same attachment in another rich text section, one way to do this is:
  • right click on the attachment link in the original section (in preview mode, and not in edit mode) and copy the link location.
  • Once you've copied the attachment's link location, you can go to another section that you want to reference the same link
  • In the section, use the insert 'URL Link' action in the rich text editor to insert a link
  • In the dialog paste the copied attachment link location (be sure to select the proper protocol, i.e., 'https'
  • Enter a display text for the link 
The section now has a link referencing the same attachment as the original section.

You cannot update an attachment once you've created it, at least not from the Web UI. You might be able do that using the RQM Reportable REST API. please check for reference.

Hope this helps.
Donat Hutter selected this answer as the correct answer

Donat Hutter commented Feb 12 '20, 11:35 a.m.

Thanks for the hint with REST API.
I will probably create an RFE, as I see some potential improvement in attachment handling.

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