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How to insert link to existing defect in comments when uploading Test Case Execution Results?

Zeeshan Siddiqui (1111) | asked Jun 24 '13, 2:53 p.m.
retagged Sep 27 '13, 2:21 p.m. by Lisa Caten (342913)
 Usually when we are performing Test Case Run in on-line mode, a defect can be linked during the execution of a step. Once the execution is complete, this defect is displayed in the form of a small icon in the comments column. When hovered on that icon it displays the title of the defect in a URL format.

My question is: When running the Test Case in Offline mode and then importing the test execution results via RQM Excel Importer, how do achieve the above mentioned output. What do I write in the comments column so that for that step the ADT Defect is linked automatically? I tried writing "ADT Defect 6100" but it just displayed the same text, instead of the link to the defect once test execution results were uploaded.

Ayan Paul commented Sep 26 '13, 6:25 a.m.


Have you raised the RQM Enhancement? Can you share the number

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Paul Slauenwhite (8.4k12) | answered Jun 26 '13, 6:39 a.m.
This function is not supported in off-line test execution (see  Please open a RQM enhancement.

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Ayan Paul (2552230) | answered Sep 26 '13, 3:00 a.m.

I have tried using the link provided by Paul. Is there any way to Import multiple rqms file at once and get the excel having all 50 test cases, so that while exporting in JAZZ multiple test case result can be exported at one shot.

Another problem which I have faced that, i have a test suite containing few testcases for which I uploaded the excel using RQM > Export to Repository option, test case within test suite is showing as no run, whereas if I see the test cases result from excution menu, it is showing pass/fail status as per my export excel.

Please let me know if there is any solution for these 2 problem

Chenyue Gao commented Sep 27 '13, 5:19 p.m.

so you imported test cases and their associated test case results via RQM importer. You wanted to see test cases marked as run while actually it was marked as no rum, correct? by the way, can you please send me the excel file and cfg file to help me better understand your scenario. Thanks

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