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Is it possible to export Work Item approvals so that each Approval can be displayed/referenced like an attribute?

Timothy Distel (6716) | asked Dec 02 '19, 11:03 a.m.

 Hello, currently using CLM suite 6.0.6.

It is a request of a customer of mine to be able to identify work item approvals as their own columns in JRS spreadsheet exports. In our use of the tool, work item approvals can stack fairly quickly. We have some items with 3+ approvals. The customer is requesting some means to configure the titles of these approvals as column headers and the value captured in the cell for each work item in these approval columns would be the cumulative state of said approval. I have a feeling this is not possible via either rtc query export or jrs report export, but thought it would be worth asking. This type of display would be invaluable to generate, so I am certainly open to workarounds if there is no straightforward way to accomplish this. Any help is appreciated

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