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TeamConcert Jenkins Pipeline Plugin improperly removes generated files on checkout

Brett Waldo (1101421) | asked Nov 06 '19, 11:47 a.m.

 Historically have used the teamconcert jenkins plugin using tradition build jobs.  In this format, the plugin properly updates the workspace with any changes but leaves any non-tracked files. This is critical so there is no need to build the entire system again (hours).

MIgrating to the new pipeline syntax and now after checkout is complete, all untracked files are removed.  Even though the files are defined in the .jazzignore files. 

Expected behavior is the plugins should work the exact same in both methods.

Pipeline example is:

   stage('Checkout') {
         steps {
            teamconcert buildType: [value:"buildDefinition",

Also tried setting the clearLoadDirectory but that is applied prior to the checkout. e.g. if that is true, the workspace is deleted first.  The default appears to be false.

Need a way to ensure temporary, untracked files are not removed during checkout as our builds take a long time. 

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Brett Waldo (1101421) | answered Nov 06 '19, 5:35 p.m.

 okay, sheepish response.  Found the culprit was actually myself. I have an improper command following the checkout that was removing the generated files. 

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