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lscm : checkin fails with component not shared

Raj Kumar (2110) | asked Oct 10 '19, 5:30 a.m.

While Using lscm checkin command “scm checkin -u %username% -P %password% -W 399XX”.

I am getting below error msg.

 cmd error console:

Problem running 'checkin':
"C:\Jenkins\workspace\ABC" is not shared.

Workspace: (1191) "ABC" <-> (1192)
      -c- /ABC /pom.xml
        (1271) 45 "ABC_build_definition_#49"

Problem running 'deliver':

 Note:  after the restarting of machine the checking command is working fine. But I am not able to understand why and how its happen?

Generally I am using below commands for checking / deliver
scm checkin -u %username% -P %password% -W 399622 .

scm show status -u %username% -P %password%

scm deliver -u %username% -P %password%


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