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Dependent enumeration does not work when source attribute is Workflow Status

Sharadha Murugappan (3114) | asked Oct 08 '19, 5:50 a.m.
edited Oct 08 '19, 11:58 p.m.

I have a Dependent Enumeration Value set, I have to set the custom attribute value based on the Workflow Status.

Eg : If the Workflow Status is In Progress then I should see certain values in the custom attribute value list and for different status the values differ.

This does not work when the Source Attribute is Workflow Status.

The issue is I could not see the dependent values when I select the Workflow Status as In Progress being in New Workflow Status, but I could see it when I am in the same Workflow Status.

Eg : If I have some values for the Custom attribute say "Software", "Configuration" for In Progress status, I could see these values in In Progress Workflow Status, but when I select the In Progress Workflow Status being in New State, the dependent values do not appear.

But this is not the case when the Source attribute (here, the attribute in place of Workflow Status) is another Enumeration attribute, the dependent values would appear on selection of the source attribute value.

Please Refer this for further understanding :  Image

Any help here is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

RTC Version : 6.0.6

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