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SCM not refreshing after a replace baseline operation

Richard Good (872159) | asked Oct 01 '19, 6:22 a.m.
I am running the following commands to replace a baseline in a component and then load the data to the file system where I can compare the folders contents using a compare tool. The baseline in the component appears to change, but I get the latest content when I load in the next command not the content from the baseline. Is there anyway to refresh in SCM prior to loading. If I do the operation manually I am able to fetch the correct data. There seems to be either a bug, or I'm getting the load command wrong (note $lscmLoc is simply a pointer to the lscm batch file in the RTC client.  

#set the component baseline as required in the component for the first baseline, I think we might have to do this with numbers
$setBaselineOnComponent = &"$($lscmLoc)" "set" "component" "-r" "rtcCreds" $wspaceName "snapshot" "NewTest" $rtcComponentName
if ($LastExitCode -ne 0) {
    processErrorCode -thisError $LastExitCode

#get the files to the subdirectory
Set-Location "$($wspaceDir)\SecondBaseline"
$loadResult = &"$($lscmLoc)" "load" "-r" "rtcCreds" "-f" "--allow" "--all" $wspaceName
if ($LastExitCode -ne 0) {
    processErrorCode -thisError $LastExitCode

Any helps, someone pointing out an error appreciated!!


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