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RQM Word Importer Bugs?

Fabian Weiss (152) | asked Aug 29 '19, 8:55 a.m.

Hi all,

I think there might be two Bugs in the RQMWordImporter. I have tried Version for 6.0.3 and 6.0.4.

I try to Import a word file where are periodic three tables. First two tables contains data for test case, third table contains data for test script

* Parsing with dynamic tables (Table("XXX").X1) works fine, but not with referential links between testscript and testcase (testcase.dc:title=testscript.dc:title). This will shift some data. It works fine by only using title and description, but if there are sections (Section("myns:com...")) for testcase, the data shifts. Data from e.g. second testcase will be in first testcase and so on.

* I searched for a Workaround and have found one. I gave the testscript a DOCArtifactID (Name of testscript) and set a Link to testcase (testcase.testscript=Link(Name of testscript)). That works fine if there are headings in the Word document. So I could use testscript.DOCArtifactID=List("1.*..."). So all works fine.

But in my Word document I do not have a heading per Test, so I use dynamic tables (Table("TestCase/TestScript..")). By using testscript.DOCArtifactID=Table("TestScript...") all TestScripts get the same DOCArtifactID (first ID in document). So at least there is only ONE XML File with the first DOCArtifactID and not one per testscript.

I have tried a really long time, but in my opinion that might be bugs.

Sadly the RQMWordImporter is not open source, to do the fix by myself. It also would be better to understand the parsing. Or is there a possibility to have a look on the VBA code?

Best regards, Fabian

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Mehul Patel (8544) | answered Oct 09 '19, 6:03 a.m.


RQMWordImporter code is not available but you can file a defect or get help from support (


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