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Using Rhapsody and RTC with Eclipse and Pessimistic Locking

Richard Good (872159) | asked Jul 23 '19, 3:05 a.m.


My present customer wishes to use pessimistic locking on their rhapsody model, but an IBM consultant has come in at some point and recommended that they do not use the Eclipse plugin, but use the windows client instead, and use eclipse purely for accepting and delivering changes, I can see how this would work when using optimistic locking, however can't quite see it working with pessimistic locking. Pessimistic locking items within eclipse and then doing work in the standalone client would appear to be a painful/confusing proposition, but it might be achievable using auto locking file option on the stream.

What is IBM's current position on achieving pessimistic locking in Rhapsody with RTC?

Has anyone out their had bad experiences using Rhapsody within Eclipse?

Thanks for any help


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Raz Yerushalmi (1) | answered Jul 24 '19, 2:14 a.m.
Hello Richard,

I see that you have added rhapsody-model-manager tag, assume this is the context, right?
Rhapsody model manager is not supported with the Rhapsody/Eclipse plug-in.

We recommend to load all model units read-only, and use Rhapsody short cut to Lock those model units for edit, in order to make them read-write and locked.


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