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How to check for a list of links if they are visible in the context of a global config

Christoph Bergner (25111) | asked Jun 12 '19, 8:09 a.m.
edited Jun 12 '19, 8:11 a.m.
We have an external platform that links items to Jazz artifacts. Our platform is aware of global configurations. Just as in DNG the user can define a global config context. Therefore we have to check for each link in a certain view if it is visible under a given global configuration.
Is there a way (e.g. via an API) to check which links of a list of links are valid in the context of a global config URL?
We are using 6.0.6

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Nick Crossley (1463) | answered Jun 12 '19, 10:06 a.m.


If the links are outgoing from your application and going to some other config-enabled application, then your application should know if the outgoing side of the link is visible in or appropriate for a given global configuration. That could mean either that the outgoing links are from versions of artifacts that are selected by this GC, or from non-versioned artifacts that are related to the current GC in some other way.

The fact that an outgoing link exists as defined above does not necessarily mean there is any version of the target artifact visible in the current GC. There is no API that answers that question for a list of target URIs. What you could do is to show the links (possibly with the target URI itself as a label, or a cached copy of the target label if you had one) initially, and then to have a background thread verify each link in turn, using a HEAD request with the current GC context header or (possibly better) a compact rendering GET request with that same header to verify the existence of the target URI in that context. If that succeeds, the link can be updated to use the current title; if it fails, the link can be removed from the display, or (better) updated with some annotation to indicate that the link has no valid target in this configuration.

If your question relates to finding incoming links from some other configuration-enabled tool to your artifacts, the answer is quite different - you need to use some form of link discovery. Typically, this uses either OSLC query, or the Link Discovery Service (LDX).


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