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How to retrieve the components of a global configuration from outside Jazz

Christoph Bergner (255) | asked Jun 12 '19, 7:04 a.m.

We are developing a solution that contributes its own local configurations to GCM. 

For a certain analysis we need to retrieve the components of a given (by url of the GC) global configuration from outside Jazz. Is there an API call that allows to do that?
I am working with Jazz 6.0.6.

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Nick Crossley (1262) | answered Jun 12 '19, 9:48 a.m.


APIs for global configuration management are summarized at That page also contains other important information to consider when integrating with global configuration management.

There is no single API to find at one call all the recursive component configurations in a given global configuration. However, you can find the component of a contribution to a global configuration by looking at its oslc_config:component property, and you can find all the direct contributions to a global configuration by looking at the oslc_config:configuration property on the parent configuration's oslc_config:contribution properties.

You can find the component properties of all the direct contributions to a single global configuration using OSLC query, but you still need to recurse through nested contributions to find all the components in the GC hierarchy. There are examples of using OSLC queries for global configurations and components on the GC REST API page at

The OSLC specs can be found at, but the Configuration Management spec link on that page is currently broken, so use a direct link to the version-controlled copy as an interim measure:


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