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RQM - RTC - Link Type - Need Clarification

Parameswaran V (10016) | asked May 28 '19, 1:23 a.m.

I have detailed the different default link types that are existing in my project setup. 

However, there are two major items on which, i need clarity.

1. Is my understanding correct in implementing this links (I have mentioned it below):
  • Add Tested by Test Case
    • RQM artifact - RTC Workitem
    • Test Case     - Task/Story/Defect/Enhancement
  • Add Affects Test Case Result
    • RQM artifact - RTC Workitem
    • Test Case Result     - Defect/Impediment
  • Add Blocks Test Execution
    • RQM artifact - RTC Workitem
    • Test Case Execution - Defect/Impediment
2. How do we use 'Related' links. Is there some documentation, which could be helpful in detailing how this is different from above and in what context this needs to be used (When compared to above). Following are the different links, for which i need clarity.
  • Add Related Test Script
  • Add Related Test Execution Record
  • Add Related Test Plan
  • Add Related Test Case Result
  • Add Related Test Case

Accepted answer

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abhishek gour (3812) | answered May 28 '19, 1:27 p.m.


1. Yes, your understanding about the links relationship is correct. Refer to following links to verify your understanding and know more about these relationships. 

Above mentioned relationships are designed and defined for ALM lifecycle management. So that means, that these links types are defined with a proper need which would have some impact on the either the source or the target applications. 
Since these links are defined between lifecycle process component (Requirement, Develop, Test) so many of these links are supported via Open Standard for integrating different lifecycle application such as OSLC -

2. However, RTC is not only a work item repository. It provides versioned repository to various types of FILES as well. 
When we have to attach test artifact of mentioned type, then we use "Related Links". Please note that - these links does not connect RQM artifacts to work item, rather to files. These files could be of any type, 
  • Mostly some sort of document, summary or high level discussion or requirement, 
  • Or some other document which does not cover main development products or module, but some sort of auxiliary supporting document for a main development or test process.
  • Sometimes, you could choose to connect a source file to RQM work item as well. 
In short, you could find your own use to add RQM artifact to any of your RTC owned file for any of your need for your own customised processes. To know more about Related File link type- refer to following link -


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Parameswaran V commented Jun 04 '19, 4:51 a.m.

Thank you Abhishek 

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