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RTC client side automation: state of the art: java API or REST

Pablo K (2919) | asked May 22 '19, 3:08 a.m.
edited May 22 '19, 3:14 a.m.


we use RTC 6.0.5 and are developing some automation for RTC client side like:

- getting Work Items (assigned to a given person, or all task from Sprint...), access different fields
- adding Work Item comments under Discussion Field
- update Work Item status

my question to the experts of the group is:
- which should we use: REST or Java API? did you try both recently?
- both provide same scope access to RTC datamodel, or there are gaps? (like in other tools...)
- what about performance, stability?
- what about documentation? it seems Java API is more documented than REST?

for the answers:
- we are fluent in both general programming Java API and REST, this is not a criteria for us.
- I searched in forum first but found very old answers (from 2014 or RTC 3.x....), so maybe someone has tried this recently...

Thanks for any answer in advance.

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