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workspace got reverted every time its associated Jenkins build gets kicked off

Zichuan Zou (134) | asked Apr 30 '19, 10:08 a.m.
edited Apr 30 '19, 10:11 a.m.

RTC version: 6.0.4

Jenkins version: 2.150.1

What is happening:  
1. We have a workspace that is specifically for Jenkins Integration Build only.
2. New components have been added to this workspace.
3. The Jenkins build will be kicked off by either human or a timer that is set in RTC.
4. A human or timer kicks off the jenkins build, but right before the Jennkins build checks out the workspace, all the new components are gone. 
5. Jenkins checks out the version of workspace that is before new components were added (but all previously existing components have most updated change sets) and continues running.
6. The workspace will remain the reverted state without new components.

Looks like this only happens to this workspace, and only started to happen days ago. (might happen to others, it's just we haven't added components to other workspaces)

How to overcome this issue?

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Kenny Smith (302513) | answered Apr 30 '19, 10:33 a.m.

 Does the workspace flow with the correct stream? Open the workspace configuration, and look at the streams area. Does it show the stream as flowing both incoming and outgoing as current and default?

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Zichuan Zou commented Apr 30 '19, 10:44 a.m.

 I think they flow with the correct streams. We have multiple flow targets for this workspace. Some components flow with one, others flow with some others. 

1. Most of streams are incoming streams only. 
2. There's only one outgoing stream. 
3. current flow and default flow are the same stream. 

We have this stream structure for several months, never have had this issue. This happens only after new components were added, more specifically, some of the new components were added. But when it reverts back, it reverts back all the new components.

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