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SOS: CQ Connector coding problem(urgent&#6528

lu lu (7122) | asked Oct 27 '09, 6:36 a.m.
I met with CQ Connector coding problem under Chinese environment.
CQ, CQ connector is downloaded from RTC 2.0.
As the personal or public query is displayed in chinese, so in file, 'cq.queryTreeRoot' contains chinese chars, There are several problems:
1. Once I use chinese chars in this property, cq connector server started with 'can't recognized chars' error.
2. Encode chinese chars into unicode and set in file, when the following CQ folder is not exist in CQ tree, the unicodes can be recoginzed as chinese words, but if the folder exists in CQ tree, the unicodes can't be recognized as Chinese words.

I am not sure about the real reason. CQ connector works well in English.

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Richard Piazza (381) | answered Oct 27 '09, 9:25 a.m.
There is some transformation you need to do to get the unicode characters into the file. This involves using native2ascii to convert the characters. For more detail see work item 70909, or the Limitations section of the CQ Connector's online help.

Rich Piazza
Jazz / CQ Connector team

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