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In an RM extension, what is the method to access/modify the contents of a cell in a table that is in a DNG information artifact with text format?

Keith Eberhard (19113) | asked Feb 18 '19, 6:14 p.m.
1. The Information Artifact with Text format exists.
2. In the RM extension, get the contents of two cells and perform a calculation such as adding the values.
3. In the RM extension, update a third cell in the table with the result of the calculation.
4. In the RM extension, save the updated artifact.

In summary, in an RM extension, how to read and modify cells in a table that is in the data portion of an artifact of type information with format of text?

Currently using DNG 5.0.2, but will soon be upgrading to DNG 6.0.6

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