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How do you dynamically exclude components for builds in Jazz RTC?

Patrick Davis (112) | asked Feb 15 '19, 9:40 a.m.

In Jazz RTC version 6.0.4., my team is seeking to find a way to have our build make a list of all the components in our stream that have been modified since the last build and exclude all but those components before running the new build. As our system is attempting to do incremental builds, and our components have a great number of files within them, we are finding that we can save hours of time by only loading the components we need to build, especially if the build fails. 

Our current system requires these components to be selected manually in the build definition before running each build. It works for our purposes now, but it will become a major roadblock as we move closer toward making our build system fully automatic.

Does RTC have the functionality to dynamically determine which components have been modified since the last build and only load those components? Is there perhaps another tool people use for running incremental builds? Any help would be much appreciated.

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