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Copying Source Data from one RTC server to another

Peter Turvey (99236) | asked Feb 13 '19, 5:17 a.m.

I have been exporting some Source Control components from a v6.0.2 Jazz Team Server, “jts_old”, to a newer v6.0.6 Jazz Team Server, “jts_new”.

I did that by creating a Repository workspace that flowed from the stream on “jts_old” and selecting the Use another repository (“jts_new”) option.
Selecting a repository that is different from the flow target will create a distributed flow and cause components to replicate across servers. Initial replication may be a long process.

Having successfully created the repository workspace I then added a Flow Target to a brand new stream on “jts_new” and was then able to Deliver using the option to “Deliver component additions/removals as well as outgoing change sets and baselines”.

At no stage in this process did I have to provide any Work Item Associations.

That all happened a couple of weeks ago and “jts_new” now has a few components.

However, since then some changes have been made on “jts_old” that I would like to have on “jts_new”. I thought this would be relatively easy this time as it was only a few changesets and files and I could just do the same sort of thing as before.

I repeated the process of creating a Repository workspace that flowed from the stream on “jts_old” and selecting the “Use another repository (jts_new)” option.
I added the Flow Target (outgoing) to the same stream on “jts_new” that I had used before.

The “Pending Changes” view identified the handful of recent changesets as “Outgoing”.
(Note: these changesets were displaying the Work Item association that was used when they were delivered into “jts_old”).

But when I tried to Deliver I got error messages about “Missing work item” and “Assigned work items don’t meet requirements”, “The change set must be associated with a work item”.

Question : Why am I getting error messages about associated work items when I didn’t get anything like that when I did the initial copying a couple of weeks ago?
What am I doing wrong ?  I’ve got a feeling it’s something obvious.



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Ralph Schoon (63.2k33646) | answered Feb 13 '19, 6:25 a.m.
edited Feb 13 '19, 6:26 a.m.


what are the error messages then? Such a great description and the key information is missing.
Anyway, my best guess is as follows:

Old Server, old Project area. Old Stream is owned by this. Operation behavior is set up to require work items on change sets.
New Server, new Project are. New Stream is owned by this. Operation behavior to require change sets is not enforced.
Check the operational behavior in the two owning project areas for differences. 

When using distributed SCM when replicating change sets, a work item proxy is replicated with the change set. I think it is just a pointer back. I am not sure it qualifies as work item in another repository (it might only qualify as related change request). Also some of the operational behavior are within one repository only.

You can use a special role and override the operational behavior for that role to avoid this, or you might have to add a work item linked from the target server.

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Peter Turvey commented Feb 13 '19, 6:58 a.m.

Hello Ralph, sorry I do tend to waffle on a bit with my descriptions!
Anyway, it looks like I've cracked it. I just went into the Pending Changes / Outgoing and amended the changesets' associated work item with one from the target server instead of the one it had listed, which was from the old server. (what you said, but I did work it out for myself - honest).
Then the changesets were delivered into the new server's stream without any errors.

I didn't have to do that a couple of weeks ago. At that point the components wouldn't have existed on the new server. Now, of course, they are all there. And I am changing their contents.

I can't remember the exact error messages now (because it's working now) but they were pretty standard looking red crosses with things about "missing work items" and “The change set must be associated with a work item”.
Which gave me the idea to just create a new Work Item on the new Server to use for delivering the changes.

Anyway, I am happy for now. No doubt I'll be back soon with some other daft question.


Ralph Schoon commented Feb 13 '19, 8:05 a.m.

As I guessed you where missing the required preconditions specified in the project area owning the target stream.

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