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RTC Modified Date on Defects

Naveen V (791357) | asked Feb 05 '19, 2:52 p.m.


One of my teammate added new attribute and then did the synchronize so the modified date showing the latest date on his name for defect but when I see history of the defect it was updated 2 days ago. Last modified date and time and modified name not showing on his name. 

Even my team has query to find the defect which are not modified for past few weeks so all defects are excluded from that query because of sync changed the modified date. How I can get actual modified date , which is showing in defect History tab.
I have RRDI for report. If we can do anything on that to find the Actual modified date instead of updated modified date  with sync operation. 


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Ralph Schoon (63.1k33646) | answered Feb 08 '19, 2:59 a.m.

 The work item got a new attribute and was saved for that purpose. Users also receive an e-mail notification. So the Modification date and time is correct. The attribute did not change, so there is nothing to show in the history. If you want to see the event of the attribute addition in the please file an enhancement request.

Naveen V commented Feb 08 '19, 1:39 p.m.

@Ralph Schoon. I agree defect got the new attribute so modified date changed. That is correct but I want to show the report excluding updated the work item with syn that is changed the modified date. I want previous data and time record. How I can do that? If I do with last update then syn date showing, which is not correct as actual change was done in some other date and time.

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Guido Schneider (3.4k1486115) | answered Feb 15 '19, 4:46 p.m.

With Report Builder you can either report on trend and there you get the data from a Work Item in a point of time in the past.

Alternatively you can report on the history and get each change of the Work Item and also the previous change before a change.


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