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RM Api to get the data of folder and its children

Abhilash M M (137) | asked Jan 21 '19, 10:26 p.m.


I am working on custom widget development for DNG 6.0.6
Currently in RM API the events specific to artifacts are only available.
On RM.Event
Constant Meaning
ARTIFACT_SELECTED Indicates that one or more artifacts were selected
ARTIFACT_OPENED Indicates that an artifact was opened
ARTIFACT_SAVED Indicates that an artifact was saved
ARTIFACT_CLOSED Indicates that an artifact was closed

I want to have a event which will get trigger whenever the user clicks on a specific folder.
And i need data of Folder and artifacts in that folder.

Can we do this with any available API?
Please Suggest.

CLM Version: 6.0.6

Thanks for the Help,


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