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Unable to change defect status by REST API

zhen wang (111) | asked Jan 09 '19, 4:22 a.m.
edited Jan 14 '19, 12:43 a.m.

I saw some guys are able to update state by oslc API, but I am still not able to do that.

I get http 200, but the status of defect is not changed. I am using JAVA. Can anyone help me with this? Here is my steps:

1. HttpGet

url: https://server/ccm2/authenticated/identity

2. HttpPost

url: https://server/ccm2/authenticated/j_security_check



"Accept", "application/rdf+xml"
"OSLC-Core-Version", "2.0"

then get the "ETag" in response header.



"Content-Type", "application/rdf+xml"
"If-Match", ETag
"Accept", "application/rdf+xml"
"OSLC-Core-Version", "2.0"

with the response xml in step 3.

 I also tried "https://server/ccm2/resource/itemName/", "https://server/ccm2/resource/itemName/", "https://server/ccm2/resource/itemName/" and "https://server/ccm2/resource/itemName/"

All return 200, but status not updated.

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