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Is it possible to send a mail after creation of timeline and Iteration in RTC

sayo singh (177) | asked Dec 15 '18, 1:22 p.m.

 Hi All,

Can we send email to role when  release timeline/Iteration is created. 

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Ulf Arne Bister (1.3k413) | answered Dec 16 '18, 6:41 a.m.


currently I do not think this is supported. While work item changes, builds and other artifact changes have a post trigger that supports email notification there is no trigger of process area changes that I am aware of.

You would have write custom code, weighing benefit against cost.

Another solution might be to create a custom work item type serving as representation of e.g. a release timeline / iteration. If your use case for notification is more about people knowing, have the folks creating timelines / iterations link them to such a work item and use the work item email notification. If your reason for notification is more to stop the proliferation of timelines / iterations, consider locking down the permissions to create and custom code the creation as a post work item save step for this special work item type. Bonus: you can put email notification as part of your custom code and resolve role to email list.

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- Arne

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