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generate direct link to sub-module based on metadata and ID

Bogdan Titu (11) | asked Nov 21 '18, 10:36 a.m.

I have a module with sub-modules, artifacts. A baseline is defined and I select that baseline then export based on a view everything to an excel file (that have metadata included)
I need to generate links ( that will point me directly to my sub-modules exported

Using OSLC I am able to retrive baseline name by baseline ID from metadata exported
Is there a way to generate a valid link to my sub-modules exported, having all the info above?

Thank you for the help,

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Javier Davalos (2612) | answered Nov 23 '18, 4:54 p.m.
Hi Bogdan,
in RM the CSV/XLS/XLSX export is a client side (end point) functionality which generates the file to download based on the data it consumed, because of that it does not generate a tracking reference for their exported artifacts, there's no link generation for the exports.


Bogdan Titu commented Nov 26 '18, 6:59 a.m.
Thank you for the answer. I noticed there is no option to export in excel but I am looking for a mechanism to construct the link after the export. I got all metadata, i got module ID and all sub-modules, artifacts IDs
I can use OSLC to query Doors NG. Need to be able to, some-how, process the info from excel and generate links to sub-modules exported there

Do you know a way?
Thank you


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Bogdan Titu (11) | answered Nov 28 '18, 6:02 a.m.
There is no option to export directly the URL from Doors.
I can select all artifacts and then on a right click - select generate report but it is tricky
On the other side, I can use report builder and the URL will be there but in report builder i am loosing Baseline ID so I am not able to export Baseline name or baseline ID

This being establish, anyone knows a way to export the baseline ID or name using Report Builder?
I am selecting the baseline that I want prior running the report and it is available there, but it is not exported in a separate column


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