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Is it possible to sort by/set as a parameter an attribute with data type 'work item' or 'work item list'?

Timothy Distel (73152) | asked Oct 16 '18, 11:05 a.m.
edited Oct 16 '18, 11:06 a.m.


I am using CLM suite 6.0.6.

Ideally, In RTC I'd like to use the work item statistics widget to display a bar graph of work items that have a particular value a 'work item' or 'work item list' and have that attribute as the parameter. When I go to select the parameter as the work item list attribute, it is not available from the list. I assume this is because there are no limits as to what the selection could be, it could be any of the 5000 work items in the repository, and it is unrealistic to want to put that amount of bars in a bar graph. However a feasible solution would be to allow the user to input limits of the parameter (select 4-5 work items) and have those as the actual bars in the graph. If there is no way to get this widget to work with this data type, can anyone think conceptually of how to display this information in a similar fashion? Capturing this particular data is paramount to the customer so any workaround ideas are welcome. Any help is appreciated!

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