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How to make Reviewed by (user) and Review date mandatory ?

Bruno Cabral (714) | asked Oct 12 '18, 1:15 p.m.

I am creating a detailed "Root Cause Analysis" list for our Production defects. And just found an interesting behavior:

After set the fields "Reviewed By: <user name>" and "Review Date: <date>"  as mandatory attributes (using Required Properties or Required Attributes for Type and State or even Required Attributes For Condition), only the * (asterisk) symbol is displayed, but those fields are not becoming really required (defect next status is saved with no warning message about the attribute to be set).

So, can somebody please help me on questions below:

- Is there any pre-setup that need to be done at those fields (for user name and dates) before set the attributes condition?
- Or even is there any specific Attribute condition to be used for those fields?
- Or, on last case, is this a kind of RTC limitation ? (if so, any workaround exists?)

Thanks in advance

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Bruno Cabral (714) | answered Oct 12 '18, 2:33 p.m.

It seems this is not an issue, but an expected behavior to already created defects, where those fields are not becoming mandatory (and, in fact, I think this is okay).

When creating a new defect, those fields are mandatory when updating/saving the ticket as "Closed", that is the expected behavior.

Practicing and learning. =)


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