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Rational Doors Next Generation as data source for Excel

Marcin Lis (111) | asked Oct 01 '18, 9:12 a.m.
I want to set Rational Doors Next Generation as data source for Excel, so values in excel can be automatically updated (on the beggining only in one column) with data from DNG - how can I do it?

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Kenny Smith (302614) | answered Oct 01 '18, 10:06 a.m.

 The bigger question is WHY would you want to do that? The objective of these tools is to get people out of office documents and into a common web based environment. There is a reporting feature built into the product. Is there a reason why it can't work for your spreadsheet scenario?

Marcin Lis commented Oct 01 '18, 10:26 a.m.
Hi Kenny,

Because of few reasons:
  1. We're using excel as a planning tool (please, do not ask why).
  2. Our development is working in JIRA and from JIRA we're importing some data into excel also.
  3. For this moment I am not able to push any other solution inside company where I worked to get rid of this excel sheet
  4. I want to avoid situation when someone will have to manually update fields in excel by simple copy/paste data from DNG to excel.
So my question is - is it possible? And if yes - how?
I know already this is not ideal solution, but only one possible for this moment in my current environment.

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