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I want to customize an Approval for a specific work item to automate the process

Aaron Garcia (837) | asked Aug 28 '18, 10:27 a.m.
In RTC we have a work item called Change Request. Each Change Request needs to go through a specific Approval/Review process before it goes to the Change Control board. I am hoping to automate the process (slightly) by being able to automate the specific  Approvals and Reviews needed when each CR is created.

A team member would submit a Change Request and needs to have Unit Chief Approval prior to being able to Submit to the PMO for review.

Then the SMEs would review the CR, verify the content, see if it is feasible. It then goes to the PMO ITPM review, the PMO Chief for Approval , and the Section Chief for Approval. Additionally each CR needs to be reviewed by the ISSO and the Vendor.

I want to make it so that when a CR the following Reviews and Approvals are already listed on the approvals tab and then then the submitter and CM Manager can assign the appropriate personnel to each review .

Unit Chief Approval:
(name) (due date)
SME Review:
(name) (due date)
ISSO Review
(name) (due date)
Vendor Review
(name) (due date)
ITPM Review
(name) (due date)
PM Chief Review
(name) (due date)
Section Chief Review
(name) (due date)

I can make it look like this by adding multiple Approvals on the editor presentation but as soon as i assign an name it adds the name to each of these reviews as the approval presentation is just replicated.

We are usin RTCV Version 6.0.4 with iFix05 on a windows server

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