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DNG: How can I get list of all project areas with REST /RPE

Erwin Kunz (94686283) | asked Aug 23 '18, 3:26 a.m.

I'm looking for a way to document all the Project Areas we have in DNG

Idea is to generate a Report with PA Name and all Administrators of the PA

Any idea how I can achieve that?. Was not able so far to get the REST call for it
Thank You

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Matthias Buettgen (23612026) | answered Aug 23 '18, 3:52 a.m.


A list of all Project Areas can be found using


Underneath each PA tag are links to various PA related information.

The project-admins-url points to a list of all defined project area admins.


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Erwin Kunz commented Aug 23 '18, 2:27 p.m.

thank you !! You saved my day :-)

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