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Can DNG widgets access artifact tags?

James Pray (111) | asked Jul 10 '18, 11:32 a.m.

I'm building a DNG interface widget (in 6.0.4 at the moment, and just basic javascript so far) for a basic use case that requires applying a tag to various requirement artifacts, but I can't find any API documentation related to creating/modifying artifact tags, which is a bit of a snag.  I've found two enhancement requests (linked below, both opened in 2016) that make me suspect there's no support for this and no hurry to implement it, but does anyone have a definitive word on this, and/or help or workaround ideas?

I know it wouldn't be the first functional gap big enough to drive a bus through, but hope springs eternal -- "Surely this is too basic, too fundamental, to simply be missing!"...

Troubling (for age/lack of apparent traction) enhancement requests on the subject:

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