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Overview Release Information

Ilona Krammer (159227) | asked Jun 25 '18, 10:03 a.m.
I am looking for a way to combine all the information we have in different systems to be able to have an easy overview.

We are using RTC as a CCM, GitLab for source code and builds, Artifactory for our artifacts and are planning to use Doors and QM as well in the near future.

For every System we are maintaining we need an overview of system versions.
For each system version there are several builds
For each build there are automatic and manual tests and possibly other documents (like release notes etc.)

None of the tools we are using seems to offer a good way to get an overview - we are looking for something like the RTC download page but obviously we would really like to generate that automatically or at least with minimal manual steps.

Is there anything in the RTC environment that I don't know about yet?
Is there anything anyone can recommend?
What are your solutions and thoughts on that?

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