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DNG Report Builder Trend Analysis

Sean F (1.1k12337) | asked Jun 21 '18, 4:20 p.m.
I have got some useful results with report builder using 'Current Data'  (DNG 6.0.5)

I am now trying the 'Historical Trends' option.

I have added a couple of Stakeholder Requirements (SRs) each day for a few days.

I want to create a simple bar chart showing the number of SRs increasing over time.

It would have Time as the X-axis and Number of SRs as the Y-axis

I have chosen
Report type:- Trends
Source :- LQE (also tried DW)
Limit scope:- Project A
Choose and artifact :- Stakeholder Reqs
Trace relationships:- nothing
Set conditions:- nothing

On the results page choosing Graph there is no option to choose Time as the X-Axis.

If this is a Trend report then surely Time would be the main X-Axis option?

Am I not understanding what is meant by Trend analysis as the report type?

Is there any way to build a bar chart showing something simple like 'number of SRs' changing over time?

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