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Extending Project Object Behavior

David Rostocil (911410) | asked Oct 09 '09, 9:59 a.m.
I would like to add a pre-condition to the 'Save Project Area' operation. I have successfully created a plugin that extends and I can apply it to any of the operations that are available in both the team and project 'Operation Behavior' configuration areas. However the project 'Operation Behavior' section has a very limited set of operations that I can extend.

- Dashboards
- Save Personal Dashboard (server)
- Save Project Dashboard (server)

I would expect to see something similar to the Team 'Proocess' area:

- Save Project Area (server)

However this operation is not available. I have searched extensively through the Process Configuration Source and have not been able to identify anything that would seem to govern this set of options. How can I add additional operations to my Project Operation Behavior so that I may extends those operations?


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