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Errors when trying to remove a reference that refers to a specific workitem type

Jason Spegal (213) | asked Jun 04 '18, 6:24 p.m.

Any ideas on this?

I'm developing an extension using the Server SDK for RTC 6.0.3 which updates the references for blocking a work item based on the value of an enumeration.  On my dev instance of RTC this works without any issues, however on our test instance we're getting different errors depending if the extension is assigned as a follow-on or not.  It seems to be affected regardless if the reference is set and removed with the extension or via the web interface.  The process configuration and javascripts are matching between the servers/projects.  One difference is the dev instance is running Liberty while the test instance is running Web Sphere.

Without the extension running (Assigned as a follow-on action):

CRRTC0343E: An error occurred while creating a link with the following link type ID: An invalid value, https://ZZZZZ:9443/ccm/resource/itemOid/, was passed for the following parameter: itemId.

With the extension running (Assigned as a follow-on action):

User "ZZZZZ" does not have the required permissions to perform the following operation: Attempt to remove link to deleted work item. This action must be performed by a user with the JazzProjectAdmins permissions.. The "JazzProjectAdmins" repository permission is required to perform this operation.

Both of these are being reported through the web interface when trying to save the workitem.  Other extensions are running without issue.  We do have that role/permission, and even those with full admin are affected.  No obvious errors are being reported via the ccm and console logs.

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