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Did I hit the right button ?

Peter Turvey (9915) | asked Apr 11 '18, 6:27 a.m.

My RTC licenses will expire soon so I have just gone through the process of placing a new order on the IBM Rational License Key Centre and generating a new "license.dat" and "Jazz".

I have used the IBM Rational License Key Administrator to import the new license keys (license.dat) and I can now see the new "IBM Rational Main Token Features - Floating licenses" that are valid for a few more years. So all Ok there.

I have also used the Jazz Server's 'Licensing / License Key Management / Floating License Server' section to add the new Client License Activation keys from the various '.jar' files that were zipped up in "". And in the "Floating License Server" section of the page I can see new entries for RTC Contributor token, RTC Developer token etc.

Writing up my notes I can see that I selected the "Download Jazz Keys" button when I created "". But when I did that there were two "Download Jazz Keys" buttons on the page (of the IBM Rational License Key Centre), one was the new one and right below it was the one from the previous, soon to expire, order.

I just want to make sure that I really did hit the correct button and that the '.jar' files / Floating license (e.g. "RTC_v6.0_CONTRIBUTOR-Token-Term.........jar") are the new ones. And that I did not just pick the old ones by mistake.

What's the best way of doing this and putting my mind at rest ?

For example, Is there a way of seeing when the '.jar' files expire ?


            Peter Turvey

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