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Tags - shared vs personal - different behaviour

Sean F (1.3k22669) | asked Mar 25 '18, 3:32 p.m.
When I go to tag an artifact I can create eitherĀ  a shared tag or a personal tag.
I am getting odd behaviour which does not seem to be covered in the documentation.
1. If I create a personal tag it works fine. It can be added to any artifact.
2. If I create a shared tag it gets added to the currently active artifact automatically but then if I go to another artifact and try to tag it then all the tags (personal and shared) are visible in the selection dialog but the shared tags cannot be selected. They are visible in the selection list but clicking on them does not do anything.

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Sean F (1.3k22669) | answered Mar 26 '18, 12:20 p.m.
Playing a bit more with this.
I can add shared tags only to modules. On artifacts the shared tags show up but are not selectable.
Yesterday I could create shared tags on artifacts and they would stick to that initial artifact but could not be added to other artifacts.
Today I can only create shared tags when opening the tag dialog for a module, not for an artifact.
DNG 6.0.5

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