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URL to extract XML metadata schema for a DNG project

Sean F (98) | asked Mar 13 '18, 2:06 p.m.
 I can see an XML schema if I use the URL
I can save this data as an XSD file and then insert it as a schema into an RPE .dta template and it shows up as a browse-able schema but it does not contain any metatdata that relates to any specific project.
Does anybody know what is the format for the URL to view the schema for a specific project including custom artifact attributes etc.?
Can this schema be saved as an XSD and then inserted into a RPE DTA file to get access to the project data for publishing?
I am using RPE 1.3 so I don't have access to the newer RPE 2.x DNG specific schema access functionality.

Sean F commented Mar 13 '18, 3:19 p.m. | edited Mar 13 '18, 7:07 p.m.
Maybe this is the wrong question.
I am trying to see how i can report on custom attributes.
Lets say I have a custom Artifact type called FunctionalRequirement defined in Project01
The FunctionalRequirement artifact type has a custom attribute Priorty
How do I extract the value of the custom attribute Priority from the instances of the custom artifact type FunctionalRequirement in Project01?

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Sean F (98) | answered Mar 14 '18, 5:59 a.m.
 Well my first attempt at getting the schema into the template was not so successful.
I pasted the query
into a browser and saved the result as an XSD file.
I then inserted a schema into my blank template using the XSD file as the schema metadata
This resulted in a browseable schema but there was nothing to explore under the Collaboration node (which seems to be an important node from watching some tutorials)
My second attempt was better.
I inserted an XML schema in a blank template and put the url
into the URI filed.
This gave me a better browseable schema with a lot more stuff under the Collaboration node
It looks like the schema does not reveal specific custom attributes but allows them to be discovered at run time using the data nodes under Collaboration
More investigation to follow.

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