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Running the Server on another machine...

Philippe Krief (561155) | asked Jan 24 '07, 11:58 a.m.
I configured my server (IP: as I did wen I setup the Jazz
server on my local machine:
- defining a couple of jazzusers in users.xml
- a keystore using the keytool
- adding in = 8080 = 9443
- adding a new <connector> in server.xml
- replacing <realm> with a new one pointing to my users.xml file.

Fyi, the same configuration works great on my local machine...

When I launch the web UI against:,
the Web UI shows up but when I try to login, nothing happens and after
the timeout, the web browser says that the server is not reachable...
On the other hand when I give him directly the following URL:
Then it asks me to accept the certificate, ... and I'm connected to the

I must certainly do something wrong or I have to do something else that
I don't know to setup correctly tomcat in such situation...

Any suggestion?

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Bill Higgins (24611) | answered Jan 24 '07, 6:26 p.m.
When you click the login link, what URL does it attempt to go to?

Compare this vs. the https URL you've successfully visited. Are they the
If not, how are they different?

PS: If you want to examine the web UI properties, you can do the
- Go to the web UI
- In your browser's location bar (the control that displays the current
type (for example):


If nothing happens or you get an error, it means the variable's not set
(or you
mistyped the variable). If the var's set, it will pop up a dialog with
value of the var.

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Philippe Krief (561155) | answered Jan 25 '07, 4:15 a.m.
You were right, Bill. thanks
Actually, a wrong (invisible) character was inserted between the 2 lines: = 8080 = 9443
So, when I tested
I got 'null' instead of 9443.

To fix the problem, I re-inserted a CR/LF and restarted the Server...
Now it works great!

Thanks again...

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