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Retrieving objects from work item through API

arun sudarsanam (2529) | asked Jan 15 '18, 8:05 a.m.

 I have a task 222222, it has a change set, when we open it, file with path will shown in change Summary. if we right click and click load we can download it to my system directly.

Can we do it programmatic way, if we specify a task can we directly load objects associated with the task to sandbox.

i have tired the same but faced a issue.
i was able to fetch the changeset details from task and write log and create load rule for it. But load rule loads only latest version of the object in the stream but i need the exact version of object linked with task.  

task 222222 has object "A.js" version 2 in stream "AAA". And in stream "AAA" file "A.js" has version 5 as latest.
our load rule fetches version 5 object instead of version 2.

How to write load rule to fetch version 2 from stream.

Or any other way to achieve it through API.

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