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Adding Code Review in RTC - adjusting it to my workflow

Bareket Matmon (1717) | asked Jan 04 '18, 2:46 a.m.


We want to start working with code review tool in RTC, but first I have some questions (I've read all RTC code review articals, so please refer to my question below): 

1. can I enable code-review in a specific state in my workflow process? I don't want the code review to be in all states of the WI. and also, are the code review iteration remains on the same state? (meaning, if the code review is in 'In Progress' state of the WI and its failed and need another Iteration, is the new iteration would be on the same 'In progress' state?)   

2. I saw there are 3 types of approvals: Approval, Reviewer and Verification. what are the different between then in a sense of permissions in RTC or they are all behave the same and just differ by name? if I add both approval & Reviewer, and the Reviewer approved yet the approval hasn't. will the code review done? can I transition to the next state? 

3. In case of code review failed and there is 2nd code review Iteration, will we have history of the 1st iteration? or it showed only the last iteration? 

4. One of code review pre-condition is that 'Reviewer/Approvals will review all files'. In case I have couple of Reviewer/Approvals, each one of them should review all files? even the files that are not necessary related to his part of review? or the intention was that at the end of the code review- all of the files need to be review but not for by each person to review them all? 

5. How do I add condition for finishing code review- that the repository must be visible? 

6. Can I run queries based on this code review data? 


GURVINDER SOKHI commented Jun 07 '18, 4:44 a.m.

Hi Bareket 

Just came across your post which is of interest. Have you deployed RTC code review to your dev teams?

We are looking to potentially enabled Code Review feature on RTC.

Would be great to get your users experience from using RTC Code Review feature.



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