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Is it possible to use the alias host name for SPNEGO in Liberty?

Tobias Burkhardt (181714) | asked Nov 23 '17, 7:34 a.m.
edited Dec 01 '17, 2:02 a.m. by Muralidhar Rajagopal (10114)

Hello together,

At the moment I migrate our WAS Profile to Liberty profiles and all is working fine.

Now I want to enable SPNEGO in the Liberty profiles and I used this manual:

It would work but I've to define that SPNEGO should use the alias host name for the application server.

In the WAS Profile it was possible: "Global security" -> "SPNEGO web authentication" -> Check "Use the alias host name for the application server".

I can't find this option in the configuration of SPNEGO for Liberty.

I hope someone know how I can set this setting in Liberty.

Thank & Regards

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