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DOORS Next Generation concatenates words in exported Word files

Andrew Clement (727540) | asked Nov 15 '17, 7:53 p.m.

DOORS Next Generation version is RDNG6.0.4 iFix002 .
When I export a module to Word, some words are being concatenated, that is, two adjacent words are joined together.  
This happens at the same artifacts. The problem does not move around each time I export.
If I do a PDF export, the problem is the same. 
CSV export is OK.

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Howard Hsiao (5.4k17) | answered Nov 15 '17, 7:54 p.m.

This is a defect and the fix is scheduled for CLM 6.0.5. 

Workaround for CLM 6.0.4 is to remove and add the space back. 
Do the following steps on the problem artifact: 
1. remove the space 
2. save the artifact 
3. add the space back 
4. save the artifact
and then export to Word/PDF.

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