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How can we use the OSLC RM batchFactory published in DNG's ServiceProviderCatalog?

Lonnie VanZandt (88217) | asked Oct 20 '17, 2:47 p.m.

 My goal is to improve the performance of the creation of large numbers of DNG Requirements using either the RM REST API or, preferably, DNG's OSLC API.

I'm looking for something like the OSLC Automation capability described in this Knowledge Center article.

Having dissected the DNG ServiceProviderCatalog resource numerous times, I've noticed that it offers a "Batch Creation Factory" with a creation URI like:

The CreationFactory element for this lacks any "usages" or "types" elements to suggest what the factory expects.

If I try POSTing to the endpoint, I get back HTTP 200's and a funky empty MultiPart segment. Therefore, a service is alive there but what it eats is unknown.

Is there any proper, official way to feed Jazz DNG a single request to create tens, hundreds, even thousands of Requirements all at once? (I would expect to get back an HTTP Accepted with Location to a DNG Task tracker resource.)

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