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Urgent clarifications needed in RTC web UI

Rengasami Ramanujam (3154) | asked Sep 20 '09, 3:23 a.m.
I have a requirement of adding a new link in work Item wizard in RTC web UI. I set up the eclipse Jazz development environment as mentioned in this URL in eclipse 3.4 Then to programmatically interacting web UI. I used the process mentioned in the following URL.
I added all the coding they mentioned for Web UI alone. I used the same run configuration used for setting up development env as mentioned in the Hello Web UI url. I am getting following error in console while I am trying to run the configuration.
12:42:17,265 ERROR net.jazz.ajax.internal.Activator - Exception thrown while starting Jazz Ajax Framework
at net.jazz.ajax.internal.registry.WebUIRegistryReader.createCSSBindingSets(
at net.jazz.ajax.internal.registry.WebUIRegistryReader.start(
at net.jazz.ajax.internal.Activator.addingService(

Someone please guide me what needs to be done to get rid of this error. Since we are in urgency, some positive reply ASAP would be highly helpful.

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