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How can I create an email from a DNG widget?

Ronald Wisniewski (132) | asked Jul 12 '17, 3:15 p.m.

 I am creating a widget that will be modifying an artifact, and then based on certain attributes an email may need to be sent to users affected by the modification.  I know that base JavaScript cannot send emails, but on the API page under ShowUserPicker ( the example code states "// Create a registry of the names and emails of a set of selected users for use in sending out notifications to the group."

So based on this there must be a way to send emails.  How?  Can someone tell me what lines would follow in the below example to create an email for the chosen users?
registerUserGroup = function() {
    RM.Client.showUserPicker(function(pickResult) { {
            RM.Data.getUserDetails(userRef, function(user) {
                userRegistry[] = user.username;

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